Saturday, July 23, 2011

Baby makin'

So, my husband and I decided a few months ago that we were ready to add another little one to our family. This is our 4th month of "trying" and the waiting is tough! Unfortunately I've succumbed to reading "ttc" (trying to conceive) blogs and all that really does is scare me and stress me out! How many times do I need to read about the symptoms of pregnancy, I know these like the back of my hand! How many times do I need to calculate my "fertile" time of the month? It seems by constantly scouring the internet I believe that somewhere I'll find that "secret" that I don't already know. Is there something I'm missing? That I haven't tried yet?? It's a ridculously ridiculous cycle! I have to realize I was under an absurd amount of stress finishing up school and moving the last few months and now I'm finally back to normal. It's hard not to feel jealous and anxious when reading about the pregnancies of friends and family. I need to constantly remind myself that it's God's timing and not ours! Although, those words are much easier to say than to follow. Well, here's to the two week wait, in hopes of a double line at the beginning of August! :)

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